Hottest Asian Men

25 Hottest Asian American Men

Mochi is a magazine aimed at Asian American women. They have recently released their list of the 25 Hottest Asian American Men.

These guys are worth watching—and not just because they’re eye candy. They’re the Asian American men who are up-and-comers in just about every field. Despite this being a Gay Asian website, the majority of the men listed are straight. This blog post is being created to show the strides Asian American Men are making in all genres. It is quite a diverse group of guys who are making a name of themselves in the world of sports, music, the arts and entrepreneurship.

Music – Roy Kim, Xian Lim, Alex Wong and Jay Park.

Designers and Models – Godfrey Gao and Scott Neslage

Athletes – Nathan Adrian, Schuyler Bailar, Alexander Massialas and Justin Yoon (What no Patrick Chan!)

Politicians – Anthony Phan and Evan Low

Actors – Ki Hong Lee, Conrad Ricamora, Abhi Sinha, Booboo Stewart, Yoshi Sudarso, Eugene Lee Yang and Steven Yeun

Entrepreneurs – Bing Chen, Fung Brothers, Jason Y. Lee, Taecyeon Ok, Paul Qui and Jose Antonio Vargas

To read more about each Asian American Man go to Mochi’s 25 Hottest Asian American Men Worth Watching

Can’t wait for the 2016 list!

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