Why Aren't Asian Guys Considered Sexy

Why Aren’t Asian Guys Considered Sexy

Why aren’t Asian guys considered sexy

BuzzFeed Eugene Yang decides to ask the question as to why Asian men are not considered sexy in the gay community. So he brought together four Asian men to discuss the issue. In addition he had all four recreate icon poses made famous by good-looking Caucasian men.

Eugene Yang asks

“There’s a lot of old and tired comedy in media and entertainment that makes fun of Asian men for not being sexually attractive.

“We decided to bring in four everyday Asian-American guys to recreate iconic underwear ads, who represent a wide diversity of body types, sexuality, and just general amounts of fuckability.”

One of the guys posing explains

“Growing up I never liked my face because it’s not symmetrical, and my mom, she always meant well, but she was like ‘You have a round face, you need to work on that’.

“We’re all kind of ascribing to these Western ideals of beauty, and so I still have a lot of insecurity about it.”

Watch video below to listen to parts of the discussion and to see the photo shoot of some of these hot Asian men!

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