Asian Allegedly Kicks Guy's Face After Being Called Chink

Asian Allegedly Kicks Guy’s Face After Being Called Chink

Disclaimer: This blog post is about Racism. Just because the person in question (Sidney Chan) is featured doesn’t mean he is gay. I have no idea which way he swings as the intent of this blog post is to highlight a story on racism.

Sidney Chan, 20, allegedly assaulted fellow student Stephen Kent after being called the derogatory name “Chink”. However the prosecutor in this case suggested that Chan provoked the incident by making fun of Kent hairstyle which resembles a mullet.

Says Chan

“I never said anything about his hair. He called me a chink. He started throwing punches at me after he fell to the ground after I had pushed him. He quickly got back up and he charged at my group and started throwing punches at me.”

Surveillance footage shows Chan’s friends trying to hold him back during the fracas. However Chan continued to confront Kent again.

Mr Fairley said: “Why, given your account that you were frightened and thought that you were being assaulted, why did you seem so eager to get back into the fray and engage Mr Kent?”

Chan replied: “Because he was persisting to get back up and continue the fight.

“I guess at that point I was pretty angry and I wanted to make sure that he stops fighting me.”

Mr Fairley said: “You had completely lost your head, that fact that the member of your group was having to life you forcefully off the ground to get you to move in the direction that everyone else was moving.”

The Surveillance footage shows Mr Kent falling to the ground. However because Kent fell behind a parked car, cameras could no show what happened next. Though Chan runs by him twice. Because of the obscured view, prosecutors claim that Chan assaulted Kent. By applying two hard kicks into his head. Leaving him unconscious. Resulting in Kent having a fractured nose and eye socket and a heavy concussion.

Mr Fairley said: “You run behind the car then you turn and then run back in the direction you have just come from.

“The truth is Mr Chan isn’t it, that you know as well as anyone that someone who is on the ground, there’s no justification for kicking is there?”

Chan denies one count of wounding with intent.

He said: “All I wanted him to do was leave us alone, stop following us, and stop fighting me, and stop harassing my friends.”

According to Court New UK Sidney Chan has been reportedly cleared of the attack on Stephen Kent.

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