Asian Muscle Worship

Asian Muscle Worship

Who says Asian men are tiny, small or very thin? The website Asian Muscle Fans will break that stereotype. You will see Asian bodybuilders, Asian athletes and Asian fitness models. While it is great to celebrate Asian men showing that they can be just muscular as their white counterparts, there is a danger of giving the signal that a buff body equals acceptance in the gay community. Gay men are increasingly having body image issues. While sites like these break Asian stereotypes, it also sets up impossible goals for those insecure Asian men who want acceptance at any cost. So just be aware of that fact while going through this Asian Muscle Worship website.

Some of the Asian men featured include: Mars Liu, Jang Ho Yeon, Long Phui, Hwang Chul Soon, Travis Gawat, Tony Duong, Daniel Bawany, In Seong You, Clayton Johnson, Min Wook Park, Ji Won Hong, Kim Chang Geun, Yang Ho Suk, Harold Anunciacion, Junho Lee, Yang Ho Suk, Dae Young Ko, Junho Lee, Kim Seung Il, Gerry Bernabe, Jerome Goh, Hwang Chul Soon, Kyung Won Kang, Kim Hyeon Seung, Moon Jeong Hoon and many more.

To peruse this site go to Asian Muscle Fans ENJOY!

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