Asian & White Gay Couple Bullied On-Line

Asian & White Gay Couple Bullied On-Line

This photo of a Asian/White couple holding hands was posted on the BV Patrol Facebook group. The caption read “Support for them! No bitter.” The response was overwhelming negative. With most of the comments about the couple being gay and the physical appearance of the Asian guy.

The couple in the photos were later identified. The Asian guy is Naparuj Mond Kaendi, a Thai creative director and booking agent at Bacca Model Management. The Caucasian guy is Thorsten Mid, a model, who appears to come from Germany. According to social media posts, they’ve been together for more than two years.

Kaendi spoke on Social media about being bullied on-line

“To be honest I wasn’t so surprised when random people walked to us last night and showed us all these candid pictures of us that have been posted the whole evening. It happened to us before, same time last year and all the nasty comments left me nothing but worries and tears”

“This year though, on the other hand, Thorsten and I, unexpectedly, are so thankful and overwhelmed by the storm of your huge support. We never meant to try to be under the spotlight and all.”

They even have their own official Facebook group.
Go to Naparuj Mond and Thorsten Mid

UPDATE Seven months after this story, this couple tied the knot. See Gay Couple That Received Negative Comments Over Their Look Together Tied The Knot In A Beautiful Ceremony!

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