Why Asians Want Rice Queens

Why Asians Want Rice Queens

Edison Chen of the Star Observer has written many articles about Gay Asian Men and their issues with race when it comes to dating and hooking up. His latest article is entitled “Why queer Asian men often date white guys”. In the article he goes to a GAM (gay Asian male) 4 GAM speed dating event. Surprisingly the event went well, where most of the Gay Asian Men were open to any type of race.

Dipping deeper Edison wanted to know why there is this obsession by Asians for a White guy aka Rice Queens

Researcher Senthorun Raj has written essays in which he argues through Professor Ghassan Hage that ‘whiteness’ is expressed and received as more of a cultural capital than someone’s ethnicity.

In an Australian context, it is a ‘yearning’ for ‘national belonging’ that only exists with the ‘existence of a racial ‘Other’, and can be rewarded with ‘social mobility’ or a sense of ‘citizenship’.

Through another scholar Alan Han, Senthorun makes the obvious point that this capital seen as whiteness is associated through being ‘white’ (having a Caucasian or European body.) In a sense, being able to attain this whiteness (even through association through others) marks a sense that we belong to this sort of class.

Senthorun also wrote of being able to perform internal ‘whiteness’ which people are able to use in order to belong. Often first generation-people from other countries are called some type of food, ‘banana’ or ‘coconut’ to literally represent their internal whiteness.

Senthorun shared a personal Grindr experience where someone told him that he’s ‘nothing like expected’ because of his lack of accent, and so he isn’t ‘really Indian after all’.

Really interesting article about some Asian guy’s obsession with Rice Queens. To read it in its entirety go to Why queer Asian men often date white guys

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