Brucas General Hospital

Brucas From General Hospital

Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones (aka Brucas) are the first gay fictional couple on the soap opera General Hospital. The role of Brad was originated by Parry Shen in 2013. While the role of Lucas has been portrayed by Ryan Carnes since 2014. Strange that they would give an Asian character a Caucasian surname. But I suspect that the character wasn’t pegged to be Asian. Which is good casting for the folks at General Hospital. That they would cast a character where race was secondary and non-specific. My guess is that the character of Brad Cooper just took off, and the writers started to write more and more for him. Then started to expand his character by making him gay, and then hooking him up with a hottie like Lucas Jones.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I applaud General Hospital for adding more diversity to its cast. But on the other hand would someone that drop dead gorgeous go for someone that is not in his league looks wise? I know that Port Charles is a small town, and your options are limited. But still it has always been my observation, that gay men tend to go for guys that are on the same scale as them looks wise. Same height, same body type, same race etc. But then having this on TV, it sends the message to Gay White Men to be more open-minded about different races. But then again it might send the wrong message to Gay Asian Men that all guys that look like Ryan Carnes (Lucas Jones) would find all Asian men attractive. As you can tell I have mixed feelings about this.

Watch the video of Brucas below and decide for yourself!

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