Bubble_T NYC Queer Asian Dance Party

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It is quite appropriate that a white party is called just that. Because it is mostly white people who make up the attendance!

Fed up with this, a group of Asian friends decided to organize their own dance party called Bubble_T. They sent out an email to all their friends saying

“Lately we’ve been feeling the urge to organize an official night that reflects the Asian/Pacific/Queer diaspora that we belong to. Its a mix of karaoke culture, Asian divas, and bubble tea that feels like home.”

“It’s a Queer Asian dance party for everyone, it’s also about celebrating our diverse group of friends and our collective upbringings, lewks, references, faggotry etc… Visibility, inclusion and support are important for all of us post election.”

The parties have been so successful that just like those white parties, it seems there are more whites than Asians at the parties! But as Paul Tran, one of the founders, says

“Since the beginning, this party was for everyone,” says Tran. “We wanted it to be celebratory, we want it to be inclusive, it’s not about excluding any demographic of any part of the community. That’s why we try to keep it free or as low cost as possible.”

“I guess that’s something we’ll have to navigate as it grows bigger,” says Tran. “I want it to be a place for everyone, but first and foremost it’s for our community of Asians.”

Stevie Huynh, another founder adds

“It speaks to all of our authentic lives, I have white friends, I have all kinds of friends and they are going to come to my party.” But there is certainly something different about this space, which Le referred to as “Asian-pride centric.”

For more info go to their Facebook page What’s the Bubble T

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