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Chris Cheng – Gay Asian Gun Enthusiast

Chris Cheng was the Season 4 Champ of the reality completion show Top Shot. Chris is a great marksman and a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment. He is also gay.

Of being the gay poster boy for the NRA, Chris says

Instead of going into gay and gun specifics, I like to think about stereotypes in the following manner. First of all, Iā€™m skeptical of them. If we look at human nature, we have an animal instinct to label things as safe/unsafe or good/bad. I believe stereotypes emanate from this survival mechanism to help us quickly make life and death decisions. Our fight or flight instincts kick in, and our cognitive abilities get hijacked by our emotions, namely fear.

When I feel myself applying a stereotype, emergency lights go off in the thinking part of my brain. I try my best to give each individual person I meet a blank slate to define themselves.

Chris is no Liberal as he is a follower of all things GOP, Fox News and Ann Coulter. But he also gives back. Cheng has participated three times, including in 2013, in the annual AIDS LifeCycle bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! Club and is a volunteer baritone singer for the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. Cheng also is a co-founder of Home For A Home, a nonprofit organization that builds homes for the needy.

Unfortunately Chris is taken as he married his longtime partner Nate Smith in 2015. Nate is the CEO and co-founder Lever in Silicon Valley.

To learn more about Chris visit some of his social media sites

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Website – TopShotChris
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Twitter – @topshotchris
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Youtube – TopShotChris

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