Christepher Wee Mr Gay Canada

Christepher Wee Mr Gay Canada

Christepher Wee becomes the first Asian to wins the Mr. Gay Canada contest. Up next? To take on the world. As the title-holder, he will compete in this summer’s Mr Gay World contest, to be held in Rome in August. He has many irons in the fire as he is an Actor, Model, Educator, And Social Advocate. Of the latter Christepher says

I’m an ambassador for the Rainbow Refugee society. I’m proud to speak out to help our brothers and sisters who live in countries that have anti-gay laws. I try to bring attention to the plight of these refugees who flee their home countries to avoid persecution.

I’m also an ambassador for Men’s Health Initiative. They’re a Vancouver-based organization that not only focuses on HIV awareness and education but also generally on men’s health – social health, physical health, mental health. We started a campaign together to raise the visibility of minorities. When you see a lot of MHI advertisements and education materials, you only see Caucasian men. I felt that we needed to increase the visibility of other demographics. So we just started a new campaign, Vancouver Fabulous, where I’m on the poster and the post card and there’s a second version coming out in the fall. We’re also launching a Chinese website – a replica of the MHI website but in Chinese with Chinese individuals pictured on the website. Moving on from that, we’re going to look at other demographic groups that need visibility.

To those who are curious, Christepher Wee seems to be single at the moment.

To learn more about Christepher visit some of his social media sites

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Website – Christepher Wee
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Twitter – @christepherwee
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