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Christopher Sean Days Of Our Lives

Christopher Sean has joined the cast of Days of our Lives. He plays Paul Narita a Japanese baseball player with a secret! Despite being one of the highest paid baseball player, he is in the closet as a gay man. In real-life Chris (who is of Filipino-Japanese descent and his surname is Friel) won this year’s Mr. Asia USA, sponsored by a Thai university. Anyways in the story he arrives in town determined to win back his former lover, despite still being in the closet.

First video where Paul seduces a guy named Will. Not realizing that Will is the husband of his former lover!

There was a great scene where Paul comes out to his traditional family. In the scene he uses the Japanese word Dōseiai. As in how would his traditional grandfather would react if he knew his only grandson was a Dōseiai. Unfortunately no longer on YouTube. You’ll have to settle for this scene where his former lover finds out Paul slept with his husband. Three hot gay guys involved in a love triangle. Sounds like real-life to me. Does it to you?

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