Daniel Magazine

Daniel Magazine

I had started this blog because of a vacuum for Queer Asians. There didn’t seem to be a central repository where Gay Asian Men could go to and read article that affect us. Which is being a minority within a minority community. Oh sure you can google and find articles about Gay Asian Men on this site and that site. But there wasn’t one singular place.

Well I have found such a place, and hopefully you will visit there site as well as continue to visit my site! Daniel Magazine bills itself as Redefining the Asian Gay Male. Their mission is

To be a respected voice and representation for the gay Asian community within mainstream media. To bridge divides between the gay and straight community. To inspire, educate, and encourage through our stories and our commitments.

As well they say what makes them different than other Gay Men’s magazine is

There are many great LGBTQ media sources out there, but Daniel Magazine specifically caters to the gay Asian male and the community he lives in. Not only do we seek to be a platform in which intellectual dialogue can occur, but we also highlight moments and individuals that we feel deserve the spotlight. Being gay does not define you, but what you do with your life is what counts. We are also very active in the communities that we engage in and seek opportunities in which the gay, Asian man’s voice can be heard. The gay Asian community is very diverse and we hope to show that diversity throughout our journey.

Go visit Daniel Magazine and see for yourself! And don’t forget to keep visiting this site as well!

Below is an interview with its founder Christopher Villanueva on what Daniel Magazine is all about

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