Five Reasons For Gay Asian Brotherhood

Five Reasons For Gay Asian Brotherhood

Angel Abcede is the president of a gay social organization called Asians and Friends Chicago for 12 years. He recently wrote an op-ed entitled “Five reasons for a gay Asian brotherhood”. In short why Gay Asians need to stick together, and not be a divisive community.

Here are his five reasons as to why we need a Gay Asian Brotherhood to support one another.

1. We’re invisible in mainstream media. Yes, we have a reality star emerge on RuPaul or even on major network shows every now and then, but bread-and-butter images of beauty on TV, ads and online still do not include us.

2. We value Caucasian men over others, including ourselves—probably due to mainstream media. This is just a fact. To validate this, I’d ask any gay, Asian man to point out an attractive man the next time we’re all in a gay bar. See what I mean?

3. We’ve forgotten why we’re beautiful. We bought into the small-penis thing, devalued our facial features and discounted everything else that makes us precious human beings—our morals, our wit, our intelligence, our culture and our food.

4. We see each other as threats. Often in the race to snag a new lover, we see each other as competition.

5. We let language both bind and separate us. Often, gay Asians with common languages bond. That’s natural. Unfortunately, it also puts us into cliques and isolates us, especially since it is very difficult to understand each other across multiple languages.

To read more go to Five reasons for a gay Asian brotherhood

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