Gay Aboriginal Receives Racist Responses On Dating Apps

Gay Aboriginal Receives Racist Responses On Dating Apps

Gay Aboriginal decided to go public with the racist responses he has received while on the gay dating app Grindr. Some of the language used is quite shocking. Medical student Dustin Mangatjay McGregor spoke to Beau Donelly of The Sydney Morning Herald. As reported

Mr McGregor said gay men who were not white were more likely to be rejected in the online dating world and that he was fed up with users disclosing their racial preferences in derogatory terms, such as “no rice or spice”, meaning they have no interest in Asian or Indian men.

“There’s a hierarchy in the gay community,” said Mr McGregor, who is from North East Arnhem Land and also has Greek and Scottish heritage.

“The white attractive male with the European background is at the top of the pyramid. The further you are away from that ethnicity or body image the more you’re shunned in the gay community.

“‘No rice or spice’ is one of the most common things I’ve seen on Grindr. It’s all good and well to have preferences but don’t throw that around in a derogatory way.”

For the rest of this interview go to Gay minorities speak out against racists slurs on Grindr. Every Gay Aboriginal should read this story.

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