Wancy Young Cho

Being Gay Asian & Heavy

Wancy Young Cho is a writer who has been outspoken about race and dating in the gay community. But one thing he has written that differentiates himself from other similar essays is his take on body image. In short Wancy Young Cho is heavy. Rice queen like their Asian guys slim, thinner than Ghandi. I have always likened it to Rice Queen being closeted, bisexual or newly out after being with women. These guys want a guy with the body of a woman (smooth, soft & thin) but with the plumbing of a man. If you don’t have those qualities you might as well be invisible.

Which is ironic because if Wancy Young Cho was white, he’d have no problems finding a guy or getting lucky. But because he doesn’t have the think body image Rice Queen crave, he is pretty much invisible. I personally think Wancy Young Cho quite cute, and again if he was white guys would be all over him. That is a fact.

Read two of his essays on the subject of being Gay Asian & Heavy.

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