Gay Asian Man Says "Only White Men Please"

Gay Asian Man Says “Only White Men Please”

White Men Only Please. Alexander Montgomery grew up in Singapore, but now calls Melbourne home. And he says he will only date White guys. Despite all of this, the 42-year-old will appear on the reality show Date My Race.

Though he dated other races in the past he says that once he dipped his toe into the Caucasian dating scene he never looked back. Saying

Once you go white, nothing else seems right.

Other quotes for his reasoning

‘To me white people are the epitome of class and the gold standard of desirability.

‘I really feel the white race is the superior one today. I only date white men.’

Caucasians are ‘kinder and more sympathetic,’ but that could be why Australia has ‘the refugee problems it does.’

Alexander defends his stance saying that he is not a racist. It is just his preference. He likens it to being attracted to a certain type of guy. Using the example of men being only attracted to tall men for example.

To read more go to This Asian man says he only dates white guys because they are ‘the gold standard of desirability’

This show (Date My Race) is broadcast at 8.30pm on SBS in Australia.

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