Gay Asian Says He Has No Choice But To Only Like White Guys - Cause He Is White Supremacist

Gay Asian Says He Has No Choice But To Only Like White Guys – Cause He Is White Supremacist

I had thought I’d seen it all, but clearly I’m mistaken. This Asian dude Ling Anderson, vlogs about being a White Supremacist on YouTube and counts Alt-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos as one of his heroes.

WARNING the content below extreme, racist, and disturbing.

A New Yorker Ling Anderson describes himself as half-Chinese and half-Japanese saying

“Also have two Eurasian half sisters. I have awoken from the liberal nightmare.”

“Despite of being raised by my white step dad, and living in America for over 18 years, I still speak with a heavy accent. I blame my Chinese mother for that!”

His commentary on his YouTube videos consist mostly of White supremacy, including his “love of white boys,” Yet he is very critical of interracial marriage. He also exhibits an extreme hatred of Asian men. In one video he says

“Honestly, I don’t know how any Asian men in America can live with themselves without becoming gay. I don’t know.”

To top it off, he proclaims his love for white guys. Holding up a sign that reads “I love white cock”. But then in another video he says he is a trans-woman saying

“I am a proud Asian woman, and a feminist, and if you keep on mislabeling my gender, you are going to home in ambulance, you got that, you stupid sexist?”

This dude is very mentally disturbed with deeply-rooted identity issues. He needs psychiatric help for being a White Supremacist. Only one video will be added below for people to watch, but if you have a choice don’t bother

UPDATE: Ling Anderson’s account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines

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