The Gaysian Artist - Gay Asian Proud

The Gaysian Artist – Gay Asian Proud

Gay. Asian. Proud. That is the motto of The Gaysian Artist. Celebrating Asian Men through erotic art.
He writes

I produce Asian focused male art to celebrate our kind. Having experienced many of the negative examples on your website, my project started out as a reaction against that. Much of it is unapologetically explicit, most of which cannot be shared on Facebook except a few SFW edits. I try to showcase that Asian men are and can be as beautiful as any other hot homosexual. All we are lacking is representation.

He already is followed by 300 folks on Tumblr and is now ready to take the next step. He has recently launched a Patreon site saying

I’ve been considering Patreon for some time now after launching my work on Tumblr to massive response with over 800 followers in just over a year, many of whom have sent lovely, sincere messages from all over the world.

Having a full time job means the amount of time I can dedicate to drawing is greatly limited. I hope that by receiving patronages from you, my fans, I will be able to put more time and resources into creating more of my art to share with you.

So check it out for yourself by going to The Gaysian Artist