The Question "Where Are You From?"

The Question “Where Are You From?”

There is an interesting OP-ED piece by a gay Syrian refugee in the Toronto publication Daily Xtra. That is the query all Asians have gotten

“Where Are You From?”

I’m sure you can relate as I’ve been asked this a zillion times by guys. Anytime people asked me this I replied “I’m from Canada.” Which is true I was born in Canada. Then the follow-up, “No where are you really from?” And I say, “From Toronto”.

It has irritated me, but I just dismissed it. However after reading this OP-ED, I’ve come to realize that this is a racist question. Would a white person ask another white person this question? Then guys dial down and say “Where are your parents from”. Like that would even ask that question of another white guy?

But don’t take my word for it. The author of this piece Danny Ramadanwrites

Many people of colour, dear friends of mine, who come here, costume themselves to fit in the box moulded to them by the white society around them. But I don’t want to fit in a box. I became a refugee, and crossed oceans and lands until I got here so I could escape being forced into a heterosexual box.

Read the piece yourself entitled Dear Canada: I love you but you looked better on paper

But the next time someone asks you (and they will ask you)

“Where Are You From?”

Ask them if they would ask the same question to a white person?

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