Jay Hahatai Lin

Jay Hahatai Lin – Launching Gay Netflix Of Asia

Jay Hahatai Lin (B.A. PEIS ’96) is the CEO of Portico Media, a Taiwan-based media company specializing in the distribution and production of digital content for Film, TV and the internet. He is also a prolific producer of web video content through his HahaTai, LalaTai, GagaTai websites. In 2014, Jay co-founded the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) and in 2016 launched GagaOOLala and Queermosa Awards.

In terms of Gagaoolala, its name referencing slang terms for gays and lesbians in Taiwan, Jay says of this queer streaming service

“We want to be the gay Netflix of Asia, if not globally,”

Why Jay Hahatai Lin moved in this direction he says

The turning point was when I was turning 40 and contemplating what to do with my life after 10 years of Portico Media. We had gone from a production company to a distribution company representing media conglomerates such as NBCU Comcast, Viacom, and A&E, but we weren’t producing anything ourselves nor telling our own stories.

I did a report analyzing how US television has gone from fairly mainstream material to great diversity in the last 10 years, especially on the digital space with platforms such as Amazon and Netflix. Many of those shows weren’t making it over to Asia due to various reasons such as government censorship or lack of general audience interest. I also realized that we must also do something regarding the tectonic shift from linear TV to mobile and Internet, and people consuming their own particular content whenever, wherever they want. I also realized there is a lot of solid LGBT-related content out there but very few outlets for people to see them, and that having diverse representation of our lives, no matter where it comes from, will give the LGBT communities here strength to fight on and provide a humanistic approach to engaging the general public.

To read the entire interview go to The “gay Netflix of Asia” is finally here!

And if that wasn’t enough Jay is the father of one-year-old twin boys! He writes the odd essays on gay parenting and other social issues for The News Lens. For his columns go here

Unfortunately like all Gay Asian Men of Distinction profiled here, Jay is taken. Not sure who his significant other is (Jay seems to keep that private) but he is mentioned in his columns. So only tie will tell who this man of mystery is (Jay’s partner that is!)

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