John Burk Makes Asian Dick Joke

John Burk Makes Asian Dick Joke

John Burk is a so-called “motivational” speaker and “fitness motivator”. His shtick is spreading the gospel that fat people are lazy and they can get into shape if they put their mind to it. In short he believes that bullying is the way to go to whip people into shape.

He is not without controversy as he has said some rather outrageous things, that just gets him more media attention. He recently made headlines by tweeting the following

“I tried drawing a dick in the sky. Turned out to be too small so I called it an Asian dick.”

As Next Shark wrote

Of course, in the case of Burk, we could only assume his bullied past may have contributed to his habit of putting down others to elevate himself in the imaginary status hierarchy of the world’s top penises. But then again, even if it was an Asian kid with a huge penis that made him cry during his teens, it would probably be best for him to find closure from that painful experience. Yes, it does take a considerable amount of balls to do so, but we assume that the “motivational speaker” who gets paid for his “inspirational messages” overcoming stress and psychological issues should have it in him not fight dirty and get over it.

Unless there’s another reason why he thinks he needs to put Asian men down?

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