John Lam Ballet Dancer

John Lam Ballet Dancer

John Lam is a rarity in the world of Ballet as there are not that many Asian men as soloists. He began dancing at age four at Marin Ballet and received his professional training at Canada’s National Ballet School. Despite all his success he sees a day when he is not a soloist. Lam is going to school at Northeastern University to get a bachelor’s degree in management

Unfortunately guys he is taken. In 2012 he married his partner John Ruggieri. Soon after a son, Giovanni known affectionately as Gio, followed. He told OUT Magazine about being a father

“You have to plan ahead” —having a kid hasn’t completely changed the couple’s routine. “We take him to restaurants and bars, we expose him to city living. He’s been very adaptable. We’ve adapted to him, and he’s adapted to our lifestyle.”

Soon, Lam hopes, Gio will have a sibling. “My husband and I are definitely hoping to begin that process… IVF is a pricey ticket, and especially for gay families where it’s not covered through insurance. But we want to do it, and we want to do it soon.”

As for whether little Gio, barely stable on two feet, will follow in his father’s ballet slippers, Lam demurs. “I wouldn’t be opposed if he wanted to dance,” he says. “My husband is very much into Broadway, so he wants him to be on Broadway. We always have show tunes on in the car. He’s definitely going to be exposed to a lot of theater. He may totally hate it and want to be a scientist.” Then, like a good dad, Lam adds: “Which is totally fine.”

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