Magic Mike Parody – It’s Asian Men

Magic Mike Parody – It’s Asian Men

In partnership with the Haikus On Hotties 2017 calendar, filmmakers are making the short film It’s Asian Men to promote positive, sexy portrayals of Asian men. An all-Asian American parody of MAGIC MIKE, this film will feature our chiseled male actors showing you their best dance moves.

Writing on their fundraising page

Asian men have long been stuck with the problem of being hyper-desexualized in media, often portrayed as the nerd with high intelligence and low charisma. You only have to check out the statistics on dating websites to see that men who appear to be Asian are the least clicked on, and thus the least desired. As Asian women who love our Asian men, we want to remind you that Asian men are indeed incredibly sexy, and we are going to do this with our short film!

What’s the lowest common denominator besides fear? It’s horniness! Though we applaud the efforts of the adult entertainment industry to get Asian male performers into the collective American bed, this ain’t a porn film; we just want to give you a little sugar to help make your day a little sweeter. So let’s get it made!

If you want to see this project go into fruition go donate to their Indiegogo page here and make a contribution now!

Watch the trailer below

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