No Gay Asians On Finding Prince Charming?

No Gay Asians On Finding Prince Charming?

Finding Prince Charming is a new reality show on LOGO the first dating show featuring non-heterosexual contestants since Bravo’s Boy meets Boy. However there was a glaring lack of diversity with respect to Gay Asian men in its cast. There was African-American and Latino bachelors among the 13 contestants. But no Gay Asians. So Glenn D. Magpantay, executive director of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, decided to write an op-ed about this omission. But the essay was also about the broader theme about how Gay Asians are invisible in the media today.

Shortly after this op-ed was printed one of the contestants contacted the writer. Cast member Brandon Kneefel (seen in above picture) wanted it to be known that he is part Asian. is father is Indonesian (born in Java) and Polynesian. He is not Latino as many people assume.

Anyways read the article Why Can’t Prince Charming’s True Love Be Asian? as the writer makes some really good points.

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