Peter Le On Breaking Stereotypes

Peter Le On Breaking Stereotypes

Peter Le is America’s premier Asian-American male porn-star who is breaking barriers on the image of Gay Men. Recently he gave an interview to Time Out magazine

On the perception of Asian men

It has changed in a huge way. Now when you search for hot Asian guys on Instagram you see tons. There are more Asian people out there being more secure about their sexuality and that’s a good thing.

On him and Jeremy Long being a trailblazer in the world of Porn

If you think about it, there is no dedicated straight Asian porn out there [in the US]. The reason there is no Asian site is because bigger porn sites don’t think it’s going to do well. If Jeremy does well, he’s going to bring more attention to Asian men and more studios are going to want to hire Asian men. So, Jeremy and I want the same thing, which is to let studios know that hiring Asian men can be profitable.

On barriers Asian men face getting cast in porn films

I know what you’re talking about. When Peter Fever first started I was auditioning guys and they were a bit shy when it came to showing me their dicks. Now there is Instagram and people are direct messaging me dick pics all the time. Things are changing and people are being more open with their sexuality.

To read the entire interview go to Peter Le on the changing perception of Asian males

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