Project Gelb aka Project Yellow

Project Yellow aka Project Gelb

“Not into obese” and “not into old” – these are just a few messages that can come across dating apps and websites. In the West, the excluded often include people with different skin color, primarily Asian. How do they deal with discrimination against gays and what does it mean?

“Project Yellow” (aka “Project Gelb”, gelb meaning yellow in German) is a film that talks about the discrimination of gay Asian descent. This document looks for the true source of this problem and points out the use of dating apps and its treatment of gay Asian men. It also shows why the border between preference and discrimination is so thin and how to behave in order not to cross it.

“There was an obsession with my skin tone with a modelling agency that ordered me to stay out of the sun otherwise being too exotic would decrease my marketability, while being gay and Asian in the dating scene exposed me to some brutal truths that I was either fetishized or dismissed.”

The director, Francis Luta, recently wrote on his facebook

I made ‘Project Gelb’ in 2014 and we’re still talking about it. That says a lot, especially in today’s racial climate. One of the many great questions I was asked at the Q&A was “why did I make this film?” Truth is, I made it for myself. I needed a way to shed all of the negativity I’ve incurred simply by being something I can’t change about myself. The best way I knew how to do that was to be productive and creative, by telling my story through the men in this film—fearless enough to put themselves out there. To have someone come up to me after the screening near tears because my film touched them, surpasses the first reason why I made it.

You can watch a snippet of the film below