Podcast About Queer Asian Experience

Queer Asian Experience Podcast

Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are the hosts of a new podcast, “Nancy”, which has been compared as the LGBTQ ‘All Things Considered’ om Public Radio. That is quite a compliment.

The two have been BFF ever since they met four years ago at the Transom Story Workshop for radio professionals. The idea for this podcast came naturally to the duo after they started bandied around ideas. The idea to come up with a podcast on issues affecting the gay community from an Asian perspective is one that is unique.

Says Kathy Tu

“Everyone can identify with stories about going on a journey to figure yourself out. Even if some people can’t relate directly to certain stories we tell, we think it is helpful for everyone to know that others are always going through something.”

The first episode of “Nancy” details the hosts’ coming out stories, and even features their parents.

“The very first story we tell is about coming out, because that’s where a lot of LGBTQ stories seem to start,” Tu said. “I talk about coming out to my mom, and she ignores me because in my family, if you don’t talk about ‘it,’ then ‘it’ doesn’t exist.”

Says Tobin Low

“The one thing we talk a lot about is that you never really come out once. You have to come out to family, but there are always more conversations afterward that have their own complexities and nuances.”

“At the time, ‘Queer Eye’ wasn’t doing it for me or helping me imagine how I was going to be as an adult,” Low said. “Those guys are so confident, and for me, it had the opposite effect because they seemed so far down the road from where I was. It came to be a catalyst for those conversations with my father, because he loved the show.”

“The thing we are going to try to capture is the people in process or in the moment of figuring themselves out,” Low said. “Now, for me, when I think back to being in the closet and figuring things out, the stories that helped me were those about people figuring it out for themselves, hearing and seeing what their process was like.”

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