Racism & The Gay Scene

Racism & The Gay Scene

Recently a survey was done featuring the thoughts of over 850 Black, white, Asian, South Asian, Arab and mixed race gay men on their shared experience on race and racism within the gay community.

None of the findings or the stories surprised me

Many recalled being ignored on the scene or being blocked or called racist names on apps. For some the racial abuse went much deeper. Of all the racial groups, it was only among the Latin guys that a minority (35%) had not personally experienced racism.

About 63% of Black and South Asian men said that racism is a bigger issue for them than homophobia.

Says some of the participants about Gay Apps

‘When I’ve had a profile photo that wasn’t too obvious whether I was white or Asian, I got people chatting with me until the moment they realised I was Asian, then suddenly they either went completely silent or I got told that I’m not their type,’ recalls 32-year old Matt from Bristol, UK.

‘I’ve been blocked on apps because I am South East Asian,’ says Ari, a 39-year old from London. ‘Or thought of as Muslim, even though I am not a Muslim. I have had abuse sent through messages, saying “go back home Paki” or a question asking if Allah is happy I am on here.’

‘White men will often come up to me and tell me that they like black cock, I’m their fantasy fuck, and they have a strong desire to have my big black cock inside them,’ says Andrew, a 48-year old from Manchester, UK. ‘This can be intimidating as they have no idea of the size of my cock. I feel like an object.’

‘It slightly annoys me as I always feel like my skin color is being fetishised,’ adds 23-year old David from London. ‘I get messages like “I’ve never had sex with a Black guy before” like I’m a rare collector’s item.’

You can read the results of the survey in full at Racism and the gay scene

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  • Myself I have dated all races and for me race is never an issue! I am married to my husband from Vietnam now and love him more than anything in the world! People need to stop seeing color as a issue and see the beauty from within.

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