Are We Racist Without Knowing?

Are We Racist Without Knowing?

Are we racist? A special one-hour investigation

Looking for a job, shopping, renting an apartment: Does your name or the colour of your face matter? Does racial profiling really exist? A special one-hour CBC Marketplace investigation puts Canada to the test. You may be surprised by what they find. I mean really surprised. This will definitely open your eyes to how people face racism on a day to day basis.

One part featured in this special is a segment called

‘Shopping while black’: Marketplace finds some shoppers targeted by retailers because of race. Monitoring shoppers based on the colour of their skin violates human rights codes, but it does happen.

You can also take Harvard’s implicit bias test Here

The fast-moving test only takes about five minutes to complete, but regardless of your results, you’ll be thinking about your implicit associations for some time.

It’s so sad that we still face racism and that it’s still so prevalent in the world. But it should be noted that blind recruitment, blind assessment and blind music auditions are reducing racism. Watch documentary below. Also talk about this on twitter using the hashtag #FaceRacism This is a really fascinating documentary and it will get you thinking.

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