Rex Lee On Fresh Off The Boat

Rex Lee On Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat is a comedy series based on chef Eddie Huang’s best-selling memoir of the same name. This being 2015, the series is set in 1995, 20 years in the past. They recently added a gay character, Oscar Chow, played by Rex Lee. He was the old college flame of Jessica (the mother on the show) as he had briefly dated. But his real crush is on Louis (the father on the show).

Episode writer David Smithyman says

It wasn’t difficult to write him as a gay character. To be honest, I didn’t even think of him as a ’90s gay person, I just thought about him as a proud gay man. He was still figuring it out, and I think a lot of gay people, myself included, go through different phases our identity of being gay. I think someone like Oscar, there are flamboyant parts to him. But there’s another side too, I think there’s a very romantic side as well.

While show-runner and writer Nahnatchka Khan says

I think it was cool the way that David developed the character of Oscar. He is out, he’s comfortable who he is, and he doesn’t hide any anything about himself. he’s completely fine wearing a necklace that says “gaysian.” He owns it. If he had been ambiguous or coy about the sexuality, I don’t think that would have played for [Jessica’s] story.

To see more of Rex Lee as Oscar Chow on Fresh Off The Boat watch video below

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