Scruff Introduce Ethnicity Filters On Its App

Scruff Introduce Ethnicity Filters On Its App

The dating app scruff lives up to its name. Instead to focusing on the gym bunny or twinks of the gay community, it targets the hairy bear type guys. In short the scruffy men of the gay community. Hence its name Scruff. But now this dating app is coming under fire for its “Ethnicity Filters” allowing users to search for potential hook-ups by race.

It’s creators, Eric Silverberg and Johnny Skandros, responded to BuzzFeed News about promoting racial stereotypes saying

“Those are legitimate critiques,” Silverberg begins before changing course. “Ultimately we wanted to build an app and a service that enables guys to find the kind of guys they’re into and for some people that includes…” He stops himself and continues: “That can mean many things for different people. Sometimes they have ethnic preferences, sometimes they have height/weight preferences, sometimes people have body hair preferences.”

“Right!” pipes up Skandros with the knowing chuckle of a man who has fallen victim to ruthless body hair discrimination.

Decide for yourself by reading The Founders Of This Gay Dating App Won’t Stop You Searching By Race

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