Sexually Explicit Gay Asian Short Film

GagaOOLala is Asia’s first LGBTQ streaming platform, with the largest queer film collection in Asia, ranging from full-length movies to short films to TV series, and, slowly but surely, original content. Some which is Sexually Explicit.

New short film that has debuted on their platform is Sodom’s Cat. This flick is garnering headlines for its Sexually Explicit content.

A young boy named SUN attends a group sex orgy held by a dating app . He has sex with another four guys, but it seems not turn him up. The host finds out and begins to talk some fantastic sex illusion. When the Sodom’s gate opens, to be or not to be, that is a “ fucking hard ” question.

“Make love first, and then we talk about love.”

Awards this movie has received: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2016, Golden Harvest Awards 2017, Iris Prize Shortlist 2017

Says its director Huang Ting-Chun, “This is a film talking about love through sex. Though it is X-rated, it is the emotions behind our current sex culture that I want to explore.”

The film’s gay orgy sequence, according to Huang, is full of symbolism with each of the five characters represent an animal – a bear, dog, cat, wolf and peacock.

Watch the trailer below to get a taste of what this movie is all about

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