Sexy Teacher Pietro Boselli Accused Of Racism

For those who don’t know who Pietro Boselli is an Italian engineer, former mathematics lecturer at University College London and model. He has worked as a model for clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch and fitness club Equinox. He has also appeared in spreads for Chinese magazine GQ Style and was featured on the cover of Attitude. He has also be called the world’s hottest math teacher. But unfortunately he is straight.

One of his videos has been the subject of criticism after Pietro Boselli was filmed weight lifting an Asian man. One person writing:

White man chasing an Asian person like a chicken or a boar, to “use” for his entertainment/recreation. If it were a white guy that he wanted to use as weights, would he do the same?? The “joke” is medieval and racist because of this. Pietro could have approached and asked the Filipino man like a HUMAN BEING. Now, I know Pietro prob didn’t think of this “story” himself, but he should have thought that it was offensive and racist.

Asian men are depicted as WEAK, Gay, Lady Boy in Western Media…. so this is an Added insult to Injury…. in Ok Cupid statistics, Asian men are the LEAST desirable because of Western Media discrimination… Even Asian American women don’t like to date Asian American men… EDUCATE YOURSELVES….

There is just something about a bigger guy chasing and using a smaller man as an object that just triggers the f*** out of me. But if I was Asian I would probably internalize it as racism.

It’s surprising to me that people (including Pietro Boselli) fail to see the optics here. He refers to the man as “something” and talks about approaching slowly so he won’t run off, as if he is an animal. Then he uses him as a prop. It doesn’t mean you’re a vicious, horrible racist if you do something insensitive, but it’s imperious to ignore people’s concerns about how it makes them feel. Things that are racist or racially insensitive can come couched in humor, so “take a joke” is no argument. Plus, learn how to spell exercise. 🙂 Too bad that he is approaching the backlash so dismissively instead of taking a step back and reassessing.

But the majority of the comments were positive and didn’t find this video racist at all. Comment below is a representation of all the positive comments about this video

Where is the racism?? You guys are pathetic. He is obviously having a good time and isn’t demeaning Filipinos. Leave him alone. At least he is promoting your country. Get over it. People who are insecure or want to see racism will find a way to make something so trivial as this video as racist.

What do you think? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.