Singaporean DJ Big Kid

Singaporean DJ Big Kid

From DJ Big Kid bio at Swishcraft Music

Asian DJ star & Producer Big Kid has cemented his international DJ status with massive gigs not just throughout the Asian continent in cities like Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai and his native Singapore but also worldwide playing to eager audiences in cities like San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, and Los Angeles. He has achieved the rare accomplishment of being one of a small handful of Asian DJs who have successfully crossed over into the American circuit event arena.

Big Kid is also a prolific remixer/producer, churning out electrifying club-only remixes of hit tracks from the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, David Guetta, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

DJ Big Kid recently gave an interview with GagaTai and he was asked a few questions about body image

Which part of your body you think is the sexiest? Why?

My brain! Haha. Many people tell me I have a nice butt, πŸ˜› but I think I like my legs the best. I always train my legs so they get bigger. πŸ™‚

Your body is the dream of many gay men, if someone wants to be as fit as you, what advice would you share with them? Do you think the gay community is obsessed with body culture.

Everybody is different, so you have to train according to what your body type is and what it responds to the best. It’s funny that many people don’t listen to their body, but instead chase after the latest dieting or fitness fad. For the circuit boys who want to have big muscles, my single advice is that you have to EAT, EAT & EAT some more! The gay community has never been more obsessed with body culture than now, especially now with the popularity of Instagram, the obsession is out of control! I am definitely guilty of feeding into this culture myself, and I struggle with this issue personally. My wish is that the community will eventually evolve to accept different body types, and not judge someone based on the size of their biceps, or 6-pack. We need to integrate and socialize a lot more with people who may not look similar to us, that is how we can be stronger and more united as a community.

You can read the full interview with DJ Big Kid here

Unfortunately guys he is taken, DJ Big Kid is happily partnered with Pond Lim (ζž—θŠƒ). But you can learn more about DJ Big Kid below. As well watch a quick YouTube video of him further down where he talks about Chemsex.

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