Two Dads & A Baby

Two Dads & A Baby

The Toronto Star recently penned an article entitled “Kids thrive just as well in non-traditional families”. It focused on two gay dads, Paul Chan and Ewan French. From the article

(Paul) Chan had recently come out to his family. It was a tough period and his mother was heartbroken. She wanted grandkids. He assumed his own dream of being a father would never come true.

It wasn’t until they married two years ago that the couple started to explore the idea of parenthood. Chan, 33, was confident they could be good, loving parents.

Paul Chan and Ewan French’s journey to parenthood is a case in point; it involved soul-searching, researching their options, spending time with other gay dads and their kids, and money.

There was also heartbreak, when their first attempt with a surrogate ended with the loss of twins in the first trimester.

Jasmine, now nine-months old, was conceived using Chan’s sperm and donor eggs from French’s younger sister in Scotland. French’s older sister in Arizona was the surrogate, delivering the baby by caesarean section in Markham last June, with both daddies by her side.

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