Romey Louangvilay in Krabi, Thailand.

What It’s Like To Travel As A Gay Asian Man

Romey Louangvilay is a gay Asian man who works in the tourism industry. He recently spoke to Forbes magazine about the ins and outs of traveling the world as a single Gay Asian Male. Some of his tips

What’s your biggest concern when you’re traveling to other countries?

My biggest concern is making sure they’re LGBTQ-friendly. I’m what people describe as “passable” but you never know if an area and the locals are accepting or very closed off. Because I travel solo a lot of the time, it is always a little nerve wrecking to be in a place I’m not familiar with – especially at night – and I tend to have my guard up. For instance, there were some news reports of men downloading a hookup app to find other gay men in order to attack them. That’s always in the back of my head.

What tips would you share for gay people traveling to some of the less LGBTQ-friendly countries?

For anyone traveling to a country that isn’t as open or LGBTQ-friendly, I would give them these tips:

Read recent articles about that particular country’s view on LGBTQ

Visit peer review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. A lot of the times I take the advice of an actual traveler over a news article. They give you the real experience as a tourist and some will have tips on areas to avoid.

Depending on the country and its local laws, I would delete any hookup apps and be cautious when traveling.

Learn the destination’s customs.

I would encourage them to join a travel group like Travel Massive and ask the community if anyone has been to that particular

Listen to trusted peers’ advice.

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