White Party Bangkok 2016

White Party Bangkok 2016

I always said it is quite ironic that a White Party is called a White Party. Because the only people that seem to be there are White People! But two guys are attempting to change that. Blue Satittammanoon & Nelson Culligan (picture above) are a couple from Thailand (both have roots in Canada). They organizing Asia’s version of a White Party called White Party Bangkok Royalty. The most familiar White Party is the one in Palm Springs. This is Asia’s franchised version, 4 massive parties spanning over 3 days (30 Dec 2016 – 01 Jan 2017).

The event will attract the hottest gay men across Asia and around the world! If you want to check out some of the hot Asian guys that will be attending go to 42 Hot Asian Guys World’s Hottest Royalty

So if you are a Rice Queen, looking for your Asian Prince, this is the event for you. In fact it seems the only way a White dude can find a drama-free Asian husband is to go to Thailand! However if you are Asian, I would recommend you not go to this event. Unless you are sticky, cause Asians will outnumber White guys 10-1. Go view video below for more on this event. For more information on this event go to their official website White Party Bangkok.

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