Yoshi Kawasaki – Japanese Fetish Model & Porn Star

Yoshi Kawasaki spoke to Gay Star News about racism in the gay community. Saying

We’ve written a lot about racism on the gay scene, and how it’s quite common for guys to write No Asians on their dating app profiles. Is that something that you’ve ever experienced?

I have frequently experienced that kind of racism, especially here in Europe.

Like everyone, I’ve got preferences in the guys that I find attractive, but seeing things like No Asians written on dating app profiles is just eye-rolling. That kind of attitude is sad – it’s only closing down opportunities.

However I also feel the same way about the reverse scenario. When I receive a message and the first thing a guy says to me is something like: ‘Hi, I love Asians!’ all I can say to those guys is ‘Good for you…’ I have tons of fetishes, but have no respect for guys who fetishise races. That’s straight-up degrading, and not the type of degradation that I enjoy.

Who are some of your asian porn star heroes or inspirations?

Honestly there still aren’t many famous Asian gay porn stars, compared to other races, so I don’t have Asian porn star heroes or inspirations. Koh Masaki was a standout for me, because I used to watch Japanese porn a lot – and he was in every goddamn porn film back then. I was more inspired, as a bottom, by Jessie Colter – I’d say that he’s my personal inspiration.

You can read the entire interview here Travel Tales: Yoshi Kawasaki

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