Yuhua Hamasaki

Yuhua Hamasaki of Drag Race

“As an Asian male, I can never get a date. As a female, it is so easy,”

Ain’t that the truth sister. Anyways Yuhua Hamasaki of Drag Race gave an interview with Huffington Post, some excerpts.

On getting into gay bars while underage

“The only way to get in was to dress in drag with a fake ID. Being at gay bars, I finally felt like I wasn’t being judged or criticized,” she said. “I was able to be very expressive. I was able to be myself. I was trying to fit into society and trying to be more confident and more self-determined.”

On being a latch-key kid

“Growing up with parents not speaking English, my sister and I were the adults in the family,” she said. “We had to take care of situations that my parents couldn’t take care of: housing, school, paying the bills.”

On dating both men and women

“As a female, it’s more positive than negative. For a male, it’s more negative than positive,” she said. “As an Asian male, I can never get a date. As a female, it is so easy. Females are lewd, flirtatious, great in bed. Asian men … aren’t. But yes, being a ho is easier!”

On being Asian on TV

“If you’re not Asian, you’re not going to experience the same situation. It’s totally over-exaggerated in the media. It’s not the fault of the public. It’s the fault of the media for creating that stereotype. The public has been tainted by the media’s point of view. Asian men are unattractive, not sexy. Asian women are sexy, needy. It’s up to the media to change what the public eye sees.”

“We as Asians are expected to be obedient and quiet. Whenever I do drag, other people expect me to be quiet and obedient. Little do they know my performances are very loud and vocal and very funny.”

“I am playing with this geisha stereotype and making it funny. I am this sexy beautiful woman. And yes, I also want your money. And I’m also a hardworking woman. We are not just hyper-sexualized objects. Both of these are credible identities.”

“I can be male and female and still be amazing about it. I know I’m a positive role model. I’m not quiet. I’m not obedient. I’m not subtle. People have told me to be. You do have power to be what you are. Make our own journey.”

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